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Air Foam Lifejackets
Part foam, part air buoyancy provided by oral inflation.

Air Only Lifejackets
The buoyancy is provided by air or gas.

Buoyancy Aid
A means of providing additional buoyancy to a conscious person who is able to swim and help themselves, in situations where help is close at hand. It has less buoyancy than a lifejacket.

Buoyancy by Size
The amount of buoyancy in a device will change with its size. For example a baby size 100N lifejacket has only 30N of buoyancy. This will operate on a baby in the same way as 100N would on an adult.

CE Mark
A sign that the lifejacket, buoyancy aid, harness and safety line has been tested and complies with the relevant European Standard. All these products must be tested and carry the CE Mark.

Crutch Straps
A method of keeping the lifejacket held down and in place when the wearer is in the water. We recommend their use at all times.

Foam/Inherent Buoyancy
Buoyancy provided by closed cell foam or other similar material.

Gas Inflation
The buoyancy of the lifejacket is provided by a CO2 disposable gas cylinder. Once activated the CO2 cylinder must be replaced.

A system of webbing straps with metal buckles and a 'D' ring, used with a safety line, to prevent a person falling overboard. Must be CE Approved and must have the stitching in a contrasting colour.

Hydromatic Device
The mechanism is fitted with a hydrostatic valve that automatically inflates the lifejacket when the lifejacket is below the water. It is not affected by rain or spray.

A means of providing buoyancy in an emergency. A lifejacket should, when fully inflated, turn the wearer, even when unconscious, face up and keep the airway clear of water.

Manual Inflation
A method of inflating the lifejacket by pulling on a lanyard to pierce the gas cylinder.

Mouth Inflation Tube
Fitted to all Gas, Air Foam and Oral lifejackets. It is a tube which can be used to inflate any lifejacket by mouth. This tube is also used to deflate the lifejacket by depressing the non-return valve fitted in the tube. [Back to top]

The level of buoyancy of a device provides in the water. 10 Newtons = 1kg = 2.2lbs.

Oral Inflation
The buoyancy is provided by mouth inflation.

Retro-Reflective Tape
Relects light back to its source in a similar way to a 'cats-eye', assisting rescuers to locate a person in the water.

Standard Automatic Activation
A device is fitted to inflate the lifejacket automatically once the wearer is in the water. Should this fail, manual activation can be used.



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